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10 Tips For Staying Safe This Halloween

10 Tips For Staying Safe This Halloween


A favorite holiday of children and adults alike, as spooky decorations are dragged outside, costumes are planned and created, and candy lines the supermarket shelves.

For those living in Massachusetts, Halloween brings classic fall images to mind of brightly fallen leaves, foggy nights, and the ghosts of our richly storied past.

This fun and impish time of year brings a special atmosphere and genuine enjoyment to celebrators the world over.

One aspect of Halloween that must not be overlooked is attention to safety. It is especially important for trick-or-treaters to take extra precautions as well as observe everyday safety practices while enjoying Halloween.

Likewise, it is important for all members of a community to be alert on October 31st so that all may enjoy the fun of this holiday.

A number of police departments on the South Shore, such as the Duxbury Police Department, go to local schools the week leading up to Halloween to discuss safety with students there. Others, such as the Scituate Police Department, participate in the town’s annual Halloween party.

However you decide to celebrate Halloween, keep safety a top priority. Below are some tips to keep everyone safe and happy this Halloween.

If you have further questions, contact your local police department.

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1. Stay with Your Group

When going trick-or-treating from house to house, make sure everyone in your group stays together. Adults should accompany any children who are 12 and under. It is a good idea to do a head count between houses to ensure that you have all the children you came with.

In addition, have a designated meet-up area in case someone gets separated from the group. If you are not going trick-or-treating with your child, be sure to explain these important safety rules to them and be sure you know what route they will be taking that night.

2. Be Mindful of Traffic

Just because it’s Halloween, does not mean there are no cars on the road.

According to the Duxbury Police Department, you should teach children to treat Halloween like any other day, which includes looking both ways when crossing the road and staying on the sidewalks.

Drivers should also take extra care on the roads on Halloween, driving slowly through neighborhoods where there may be trick-or-treaters.

3. Face Paint Rather than Masks

When possible, opt for face paint instead of a mask because masks can prove to be a visual impairment. If you or your child must wear a mask as part of your costume, be sure that the eye openings are correctly positioned. An ill-fitting mask makes you more susceptible to wandering into traffic or colliding with obstacles.

4. Wear Something Bright

Although black is a favorite color on Halloween, wearing it can make you very difficult to see if you are outside at night.

If you’re not into colorful, glittery costumes, make sure to have something reflective on your person. It is easy to stick some reflective tape on your costume or wear a high visibility vest.

In addition, carry a flashlight. A flashlight will make it easier for you to see, and for others to see you.

5. Examine Your Child’s Treats

Once your child brings home their Halloween candy, make sure you rummage through it for any suspicious looking treats. Dispose of any candy that is opened or damaged and do not consume any homemade treats from strangers.

6. Check Props

A shiny sword or reaper’s scythe may add just the right touch to a Halloween costume but make sure they’re not too sharp. Pointy tips should be rounded and flexible to reduce the risk injury. Children may fall on their props or accidentally injure another child.

7. Keep Lights On

If you are expecting trick-or-treaters at your home, be sure to keep your home well lit. Make sure pathways are illuminated and unobstructed. Clear your yard of any objects that people may trip over, such as garden tools, hoses, or toys.

8. Be Mindful of Pets

If you are a pet owner, you may want to take extra precautions on Halloween night. With so many strangers coming to your door, animals can become very disturbed.

It is especially important to keep dogs in another room or barricaded in some fashion so they are not tempted to bite a trick-or-treater.

In addition, cats should be kept indoors if possible. Unfortunately, there are some pranksters who like to harm cats on Halloween, so it is better to keep them indoors for their own safety.

9. Be Healthy

Attempt to curtail your child’s intake of candy. Devouring large quantities of sweets can lead to a stomach ache, so try rationing out the goodies.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, guest may appreciate an assortment of vegetables or healthy alternatives to candy. And don’t forget to brush your teeth after consuming all that sugar!

10. Respect Other’s Property

When you are out trick-or-treating, do not go to a house that does not appear to be welcoming guests. A dark house is a universal sign that that particular resident is not participating in Halloween.

Explain to your children that they must respect other people’s property and not to take “tricks” too far. Egging somebody’s property or covering it in toilet paper is never acceptable.

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From all of us here at Sampson Insurance, we hope you have a happy, safe Halloween!

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