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Commercial Insurance FAQs

Q: Is Workers Compensation (WC) required of all businesses doing business in Massachusetts?

Workers Compensation is required for all entities that hire employees. The law applies to the employment of both full and part time employees. NOTE: It is important that employees working in states other than Mass. are included by listing the state in which they work form on the WC policy.

Q: I have heard the term “E&O” Insurance; what is it and do I need it ? 

E&O (sometimes referred to as Professional Liability) provides protection from claims that arise from a “professionals” inability to deliver a service that results in a financial loss to another party. Common examples of the need for this coverage are Doctors (malpractice claims) and Lawyers. However, many other professionals that require specific education and training need this coverage as well. Call us to see if this coverage is applicable to you.
Q: I sell goods and services on the Web: do I need special coverage to protect me? 

The new General Liability coverage form will provide coverage for your business if you advertise your goods by placing frames, borders or links, or advertising on the Web. NOTE: Specialized coverage is needed if your business is advertising, broadcasting, publishing or telecasting through the Web or through other medium.

Q: Am I protected if an employee hits someone while driving their own car while work for me? 

Yes, if you have Employer Non-owned Auto protection in place. This inexpensive protection makes sense for all businesses that could have employees driving their own vehicles on behalf of the business.

Q: Is coverage available to allow me to keep ownership of my business in the event of the death of my Partner? 

Key Person Insurance is often an important component in transitioning the ownership of a business in the event of the death of an owner or other key employee. The insurance is written to work in conjunction with a Business plan. NOTE: Legal advice and Insurance expertise are critical when planning for the possible changes associated with either the death or disability of key employees and owners.

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