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Commercial Auto Insurance in MA

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A large number of states make purchasing auto insurance to provide coverage for vehicles on the road mandatory. Mandatory car insurance laws exist for good reason- in the event of an accident, you and any other drivers involved in the accident will be grateful to have adequate auto coverage. As a Massachusetts business owner, any fleet of vehicles used by your company faces the same need for high quality, dependable auto insurance coverage.

Regardless of whether or not your company vehicles are used by your employees for both personal and business purposes, considering purchasing commercial auto insurance for your vehicles would be a wise action to take. Any vehicles that are owned by the business should have the company name listed as the “principal insured” on the auto policy. Check that your name isn’t listed in its place instead.

When it comes time to make a decision about purchasing commercial auto insurance, the decision will be largely influenced by the kind of driving your business’ employees engage in. Sampson’s experienced insurance professionals will analyze your business’ unique situation and explain your commercial auto insurance options to you. Our team will ask you about how the vehicles are used by your employees, which employees operate the vehicles, and they will also ask if any of them will be using the vehicles for travel for work.

Of course, we anticipate that you may have questions throughout the process of finding commercial auto insurance. You won’t be alone for this process-our agents will guide you through each step, and will look all over to find the best rate for your needs. Contact us today or call to learn more about your options- and fill out our free commercial auto insurance quote form right on this page!

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