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Massachusetts Valuable Articles Insurance

If you have jewelry that has been carefully passed down through generations of your family, a collection of rare baseball cards and memorabilia or beautiful works of fine art adorning the walls of the home you’ve worked so hard for, or any other valuable items or collections, Sampson Insurance has the right coverage options for protecting your valuable articles.

You may think your homeowners insurance or condo insurance policy has your valuable goods covered, but no matter how broad your homeowners policy is, there are limitations for certain categories of property: Jewelry, fine art, silverware, fur, and other goods like collections and memorabilia. These kinds of property are very important to you and typically have high price tags, and given the limitations of homeowners policies, they truly do warrant separate coverage.

Getting Massachusetts valuable articles insurance means that your belongings in these classes of goods are covered in full-there is no deductible. The coverage provided is also very broad in nature, which is a big advantage given that valuable articles have both financial and sentimental value. If you own a ring with a diamond in it and the stone falls out of its setting, and the ring is scheduled on your policy, this would be covered. And it wouldn’t just be covered in your home; your policy applies worldwide. In our experience, we have seen many people lose valuable items while traveling overseas, and with the proper valuable articles insurance policy, these losses are covered.

Another advantage is that these types of policies do not reduce the contents limit on your homeowners, renters, or condo insurance policy. For example, if someone broke into your home and took all of your valuables with them, and the cost of the losses was far over your homeowners policy limit, any stolen items that you had a separate valuable articles insurance policy for would be covered by that policy at their full insured value, and this would not reduce the contents limit on your homeowners policy in any way.

If you have high value possessions like jewelry, silverware, furs, fine art, or collectibles/memorabilia, then the broad coverage, no deductibles, and the fact that your homeowners policy contents limit won’t be lowered makes purchasing a separate Massachusetts valuable articles insurance policy an easy decision for you to make.

Your policy rates will vary depending on the category of the items covered. Call our agency for more information today, and get started on your free valuable articles insurance quote above!


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