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We know that you’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to where you are today. You’ve more than put in the time on the work site or in the office, and through your efforts you’ve built up your income and finances as much as you can. Where do you go from here?

Preparing for retirement, and building out your financial portfolio are both key to your financial security in the future – and to the security of your family members and loved ones. The professionals at Sampson Insurance, with our experience in financial services, can put together with you a feasible investment plan that will allow you more comfort and less worry when it comes to your finances.

Our qualified financial services professionals can offer you a hand with navigating the financial options available to you and the myriad of terms that go along with them. From estate planning, to stocks and mutual funds, and everything in between – you will understand the products and options out there if you choose to work with us. Setting yourself up for a stable future has taken a lot of work on your part – and we’re here to help pick up some of that burden.

Contact Sampson Insurance today and talk with us about how our financial services can offer you products that meet your unique needs – and your personal tolerance for risk.

Financial planning is offered through our partnership with Integrated Financial Partners, Inc. While the two firms will work together to provide you the best service possible, each firm is independently responsible for the services offered. Sampson Insurance and Integrated Financial Partners, Inc. are not affiliates of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

Bruce Thompson and registered associates of Integrated Financial Partners, Inc. are registered representatives of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker/dealer (member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Insurance is offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies.

Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. and its registered representatives do not provide legal or tax advice.

At Sampson Insurance we are much more than a Massachusetts insurance agency. We are insurance professionals here to protect the most important asset you have—your life.

While we of course are able to offer you car insurance, homeowners insurance, and business coverage to suit your needs, we also are capable of offering you protection for your life with our MA life insurance offerings. We know how stressful securing the right life insurance coverage can be—and we know how time consuming it can get. From investigating your coverage options to comparing whole life and term life insurance, variable and more—it’s isn’t hard to feel stressed out during this process.

Alleviating these worries are what we are here to do. Here at Sampson, our team knows the insurance industry inside and out, including the different aspects of life insurance. As one of our 5500+ satisfied clients, you will get to experience the Sampson difference—we will not just be your source of insurance coverage; we will be there to provide you with personalized service and guidance anytime you have questions or needs, with life insurance or with any of the other services we offer.

As we help you navigate through one of the most significant coverage decisions you will ever make; we promise to provide you with a custom tailored life insurance plan that you and your loved ones can depend on, and that is designed with your particular needs in mind.

Of course, with all the choices out there including term, whole, variable, and universal life insurance, and also survivorship insurance … it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. At Sampson Insurance we are ready to help you decide which MA life insurance policy best suits your needs. Our qualified life insurance experts know the nature of the life insurance industry in Massachusetts and will find you the option (or combination of options) that will let you rest easy knowing you are covered.

Essentials of Term Life Insurance:

  • Covers you during a specific time period of your life.
  • Offers higher coverage with lower premiums.
  • Rates are not fixed-they can change at the expiration of specific terms.
  • No equity – unable to be used as cash value.

Essentials of Whole Life Insurance:

  • Not just for a fixed period of life.
  • Provides coverage throughout your life.
  • Can have cash value and generate equity.
  • Premiums are higher than term life, but whole life can have more value in the big picture.

Essentials of Term and Whole Life Combined:

  • Supplies a foundation of coverage for the duration of your life.
  • Term insurance can be used to provide additional coverage during specified time periods.

We want you to take pleasure in your life-so why not let us help you sort through the many options available so you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered!

We recommend that you reach out to us today for a free coverage evaluation—take the first step towards protecting your life, your most valuable asset. You can even get started now by filling out our free insurance quote form above.


If you are building your company’s retirement program, 401(k) plans have many benefits that make them an option worth considering. There is a large variety of employer contribution options for 401(k) plans; and your employees will enjoy the high pre-tax contribution levels and flexibility they offer. The right 401(k) plan can go a long way in retaining your standout employees, and in bringing in the best new talent.

Sampson Insurance can craft the right 401(k) retirement program to meet your business’ needs. We understand that both your business and your employees have unique needs, and we will build your program with this in mind.

Call us to get more information about 401(k) plans or fill out the above 401(k) quote form now!

Disability Insurance

What happens if you get injured and need to take time off from work? Do you have disability insurance through your employer? If you do have it, will it be enough to protect you for the duration of the time you’ll be out of work?

These questions and other like them deserve serious consideration by you if you are considering purchasing disability insurance. This is not a matter you should leave for your employer to handle; your need for coverage might be more significant than you think. While it is the law that your employer provide worker’s compensation, whether or not disability insurance is required by law varies by state. New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and New Jersey are the only states with laws requiring employers to provide up to 26 weeks of disability insurance. As of now, there are no state laws obliging employers to offer longer term coverage.

If you think you may not have enough coverage currently, Sampson Insurance can help you get protected. We can find you many different comprehensive disability coverage options, and are qualified to help you pick the options that best suit you. This kind of insurance line essentially provides a replacement for the income you lose when you can’t be working. You do not want to make the common mistake of not giving this important coverage area the consideration it deserves. What would you and your loved ones do without your income? Without your income, what would you have to sacrifice to get by?

During the time you are unable to work or perform your job duties, disability insurance usually provides you with 60-70% of your income. What would you have to do if you were unable to work, AND didn’t have this coverage? Give Sampson a call today to learn more about disability insurance, or get started on your free online quote above.

College Funding

Getting into college is hard, but paying for it can be even harder.

Our financial experts are are prepared to help you and your college-bound children navigate the world of financial aid. Money isn’t given away for free. When your children graduate college, the bills will start coming in.

Reach out to us today, or fill out our free quote form online, to discuss how Sampson Insurance can help you with college funding.

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